Rules and Regulations

In order to live together in a close community, it is necessary that considerations be given to other campers and to the property on which you expect to enjoy. We welcome you to AUGIE’S WORLD and hope your stay is a safe and happy one.

The owners of the park are not responsible for injuries, property loss, damages, or accidents.

NOTE:¬†You must be 55 or older to stay at Augie’s World.

  1. All campsites must be paid for in advance. No refunds are made at the park.
  2. The speed limit is 5 M.P.H. in the park.
  3. Only one recreational vehicle per site.
  4. The manager reserves the right to evict any person or group causing a disturbance at the park.
  5. Quiet time is 10 PM to 7 AM daily except on weekends 11 PM to 7 AM.
  6. All camper vehicles must have current registration.
  7. No subleasing of sites.
  8. No clothes lines or hanging of clothes on or around trailer.
  9. No outside buildings either remote or fixed to camper unit. Only canvas awning and canvas screen porches may be used.
  10. No commercial vehicles allowed, only with prior approval. Vehicles with a gross weight in excess of 16,000 pounds are prohibited.
  11. All drivers are asked to refrain from blowing their horns in the park.
  12. The fish ponds are not open for public use.
  13. Unplug patio lights upon retiring at night.
  14. Dumping waste water on the ground is a violation of state health department.
  15. Please do not litter.
  16. Please do not dispose of cigarettes on the ground. REMEMBER, ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES.
  17. Please do not walk across other sites.
  18. No wood gathered on the premises allowed.
  19. Cutting or taking of trees, bushes, or fruit is not permitted.
  20. Use mailbox for outgoing mail, which is located in front of main entrance of the park. Do not leave mail in box more than 3 days.
  21. Alcoholic beverages should be used within your space. Public intoxication will not be tolerated in the park. Serving alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited by law.
  22. Your pets are welcome (up to 2 with a weight limit of 45 pounds). Please keep your dogs from barking.
  23. All dogs shall be walked in the designated dog walk area, and owners shall clean up after their pets. All pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet long.
  24. Pets must be free of disease and infections and must have a current vaccination and license.
  25. Pets must not be left alone or tied outside of trailers.
  26. Garbage should be placed in trash containers located at end of main entrance road.
  27. Check-in time is 1 PM with check-out time by 12 PM.
  28. Only one vehicle is allowed per spot; if you have more than one, there is a parking area that all other vehicles may be parked. Vehicles shall not be parked in any other spot.
  29. Checks may be accepted, but management may have the right to refuse if the bank that the check is drawn from has a cost for cashing or rule that this management cannot accept; cash will then be required.
  30. No smoking in bath and laundry rooms.
  31. No appliances are to be outside of the trailer.
  32. In case of evacuation due to emergency, all trailers must leave property until danger is past.
  33. No stakes or pipes are allowed to be put into the ground. That also includes WIFI and TV satellite dishes.